Experimentelle Musik von Overdriven dreams aus Serbien

Overdriven dreams is a pseudonym of Uroš Kostić, an experimental musician from Niš (Serbia). After years of researching the possibilities of his primary instrument, the guitar, as well as various other devices, such as tape recorders and walkmans, he began to implement these ideas in his solo work.

Overdriven dreams strive to give life to the endless sound fields of phantasmagoric dreams. In that process, he relies primarily on guitar improvisation, which he often uses outside the standard application of that instrument, with the help of tools such as drumsticks, radio, mobile phone, and e-bow. In addition, he uses the manipulation of cassettes, tape recorders, loopers, lo-fi synths, and granular samplers in the realization of sonic imaging of endless dream fields. In a short time, above all at numerous concerts, he established himself as one of the currently most active ambient musicians in the region.

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